Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Lara Croft Roundup

Another character down, another video game legend analyzed!  Let's take a look at what we covered in our time with her!

Character Breakdown: Lara Croft
We took a first look at Lara, and what makes her a legend.  Her athleticism, confidence, and skills are all laid out for our road plan.

The Lara Croft Workout
In the Lara Croft workout we focused on functional strength for body management, acrobatics, and climbing, with a cardio program to keep us going relentlessly from tomb to tomb!

The Skills of Lara Croft
We dipped a bit into parkour for our skills of Lara Croft post, with precision jumps, as well as examining different types of climbing, and then moving into options for learning some sharpshooting skills.

The Mind of Lara Croft
Lara Croft's defining self confidence and wit come under the microscope here, and we discuss the difference between confidence and arrogance, as well as my personal methods of building self confidence.

Lara will continue to raid tombs on the small and large screen in the years to come, and hopefully now you have a toolset to begin emulating this iconic heroine.  Tomorrow will begin a special two-part New Year's Eve/Day post on resolutions, and the fitness goals we set for ourselves.  My wife and myself will both be profiled, and we'll be laying out our fitness plans for the year!  Until then, make sure to follow me on Twitter,  like the blog page on Facebook, hit up the Tumblr, and continue to be awesome!

Dan "DaRatmastah" Wallace

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