Thursday, December 20, 2012

Character Breakdown: Lara Croft

Name: Lara Croft
Games: Tomb Raider Series
  • Resourceful
  • Cool under pressure
  • Witty
  • Athletic
  • Agile
  • Marksman(bow and handguns)
  • Observant
  • Educated
This should be an interesting one!  We're going to be taking a look at Lara Croft, but the challenge will be merging the old teenage-boy's-polygonal-fantasy with the new realistic I'm-desperate-to-survive-but-I'll-still-kick-your-ass reboot.  For the purpose of the next few posts we're going to be considering BOTH to be canon(even though some series purists might disagree), and take the reboot as sort of a "prequel" to her other adventures on the small screen.

Lara Croft is, in many ways, a female version of Indiana Jones.  She's an adventure-seeking archaeologist, uncovering relics in dangerous tombs, leading a much more action-packed life that real-life archaeologists have assured us is not an accurate depiction of their career.  I'm pretty sure they're lying so the rest of us don't get jealous and jump into their profession.

At any rate, despite having giant triangle-boobs for most of her early console life, Lara is more than just a pretty face.  She's an educated scholar, in addition to being an expert marksman, equestrian, and rock climber.  She's also more than capable of taking care of herself in a fight.  In addition to all this, her new reboot reveals she operates well under pressure, even with the odds stacked against her.

In her workout segment, we're going to look to build an athletic, and all-around capable body, with strong upper body and hand strength for climbing and dual wielding pistols, as well as strong legs capable of carrying you across long gaps and through steep terrain.  In the skills section, we'll be taking a look at her personal arsenal, fighting style, and sundry exploration skills.  We'll also take a look at surviving in adverse conditions, much as we did with Udyr.

Finally, in the mind of Lara Croft, we'll explore the inner workings of curiosity and exploration, and how they can lead you both in an out of trouble, as well as helping you build a more fulfilling life.

That's all packed into the days to come, and I'm looking forward to tackling such an iconic character.  We continue tomorrow with the Lara Croft workout.  Until then, make sure to follow me on Twitter,  like the blog page on Facebook, hit up the Tumblr, and continue to be awesome!

Dan "DaRatmastah" Wallace

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