Friday, October 26, 2012

Wrapping up Dovahkiin, and where this blog will be going.

Hey guys!  Okay, let's put a cap on Dovahkiin, by examining the idea of being a hero in Skyrim.  Skyrim is so addicting, in part, because it is the ultimate escape game.  You have an entire world simulated in front of you, and a character that you can literally mold any way that you like.  This is addicting in that you can do fantastical things in Tamriel that you can't do in the real world. It's addicting(and my half dozen characters spread across several hundred play hours speaks to that).

Something you have to remember, though, is that real life gives you a chance to do things you can't do in Skyrim.  True, you can't slay dragons, or shoot magic fireballs(although Prometheus Device guy does a pretty good job), but you can buy a house(for real), or feel the touch and love of another person, or know that truly alive feeling you get when you do something amazing like go bungie jumping or whitewater rafting.  The real world and the game world are different, and each have its own strengths.  It would be both a conflict of interest, and pretty alienating, to suggest you stop playing games and exist only "irl."  But you should remember that every day is also a chance for you to have a real-world adventure.  You can go out, and level up yours skills. Take chances, face down challenges, adapt, and live.  And then come home and play Skyrim till you pass out that night =P

In the interest of leveling up myself, I've made a few decisions regarding this blog, as well.  I would like to put more time into it.  But as you've seen from my two hiatuses in its existence, that's difficult sometimes.  Real life gets in the way.  Part of the reason for this is money.  As such, I've decided I'm going to start generating revenue via this blog.  It's not going to be anything crazy or obtrusive.  I'm thinking of starting with some Amazon referral links, and maybe some unobtrusive ads from Adsense or Project Wonderful.  I'm also thinking of setting up a chip-in jar where you guys can donate money towards extra updates or something.  I'm open to ideas here, so feel free to suggest them.

The good news is, with this renewed focus, I will most likely be moving the blog to a more permanent and customizable home.  This will probably be a bit in the future for now, but I'm going to be looking into snagging a URL and webhost for it.  This will most likely come with a redesign, including a more intuitive layout, so look forward to it.  Additionally, I'm looking to just write more in general.  I've got another blog brewing, and I'm thinking about writing a book or two as well.  I like writing, I think I'm decent at it, and other people seem to enjoy it, so I figure, why not?

I saw a massive resurgence in visits to the blog when I posted that update yesterday, and I thank you all for sticking with me.  I know we're gonna have some cool adventures.  =) This will probably be the last post until Monday.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page and my Twitter so you know when the next update goes out!

Dan "DaRatmastah" Wallace

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