Monday, October 24, 2011

Character Breakdown: Chun Li

Name: Chun Li
Games: The Street Fighter Series(waaay too many to list)
  • World Class Martial Artist(Kempo, Tai Chi)
  • World Class Sharpshooter
  • Interpol Police Officer/Detective
  • Loyal
  • Just
  • Compassionate
  • Fiercely Competitive
Summary: Chun Li is a long and storied character in the history of video gaming.  Known also as the "First Lady of Fighting," she is notable for being, as the name implies, the first female character in any fighting game.  Who better to pick for the first female character on my blog?  So let's take a look at what makes Chun Li, Chun Li!

First off, we need to look at her history.  Chun Li is most known for her martial arts prowess, competing against the likes of Ryu, Guile, and the rest of the Street Fighter cast in the world tournament.  Unlike Ryu, however, her motivations are not just to improve and test herself against the world's finest fighters.  She is motivated by a mission of vengeance and justice for her father, an Interpol Officer, who was slain by the nefarious M. Bison in the line of duty.  This same M. Bison organizes and runs the world tournament that Chun Li enters, and she does so seeking to destroy his organization from within.

Chun Li eventually succeeds in her mission, and forms both friendly, and un-friendly rivalries along the way, assisting Guile, Ryu, and the other heroes of the series in taking down M. Bison and his organization, Shadaloo.  She develops a fierce competitive admiration for Ryu, who bests her in combat, and she strives to improve herself and become a warrior equal to his prowess.

In addition to being a loyal friend and daughter, as well as a fierce competitor, Chun Li is also a world-class Interpol officer, assisting in toppling bother the Shadaloo and Sin crime syndicates.  She's an expert marksman, coming in sixth place in an international shooting competition, and she has a keen inquisitive and investigative mind.  Even in her retirement in games later in the timeline, she still trains children and junior officers in the fighting arts.

Speaking of fighting, Chun Li's chosen style is a signature array of fast kicks and hand strikes, being one of the fastest character in the series.  Physically, her legs are her most notable feature, and we're going to be looking to build leg strength and explosive power with our workouts this week.  Don't think these are girl-only workouts, either.  The diet and exercise regimen we're going to look at will be able to turn anyone in a lean, mean, ass-kicking machine.  We'll also take a look at her various skills and fighting styles she features throughout the games, and do a little separation of fantasy vs. reality when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

So that's our road map for the week!  Tune in tomorrow when we start off with the Chun Li workout!  And as always, please follow me on twitter, and like the blog's facebook page!

Until tomorrow, continue to be freaking awesome.

Dan "DaRatmastah" Wallace

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