Thursday, June 9, 2011

It Starts

Hey there!

If you're reading this, welcome!  You're probably here because you either want to become a video game character, or you think I'm crazy.  Maybe both?

Let's address the "thinks I'm crazy" crowd first.  Yeah, okay, I know I'm not going to be jumping over lava pits or shooting aliens with an arm canon or battling ninjas as I walk down the street.  The point of this blog, and most of my life path, is to become a larger-than-life character.  The kind of person that picks an ideal and works towards it.  Video game characters stick with us because(for the most part), they are interesting, exciting, and intriguing figures.  They capture our imaginations and don't let them go.  They are often determined, idealistic, and people of action.  I see nothing wrong with emulating this.

Now on to group number two, which includes those who want to become video game characters, and those who think I'm crazy but were won over enough by the previous paragraph to consider sticking around to see if anything cool happens.  Chances are you play video games, you have a favorite character, and you're either unsatisfied with who you are as a person, or how your life is going, and you want your life/personhood to be a lot more like the character or characters of your favorite game(s).

I've spent a good portion(okay, most of) my life emulating characters from books, TV shows, movies, plays, but most of all, video games.  Like many video game nerds I was a bit of an introverted and antisocial person in my youth, something I've luckily managed to overcome, but in my formative years, outside of the people in my family the main role models I had were the heroes(and villains), of my favorite games.  Although I wouldn't say I've achieved my goal yet, I would say I'm a lot more like the video-game-character ideal than most day-to-day people, and I want to share what I've learned along with way with you, as well as assist, share, and partake in your own personal journey.

I haven't finalized the format of this blog yet, but count on there being lots of interesting information and stuff here besides my blathering on.  Stick around, and you might learn something interesting.  I hope you do.

This is where we start.


  1. So i would like to be a video game character. Easily always wanted to be DK.......i mean, who wouldnt mind being a huge ape that has the ability to punch the crap outta his enemies as well as a giant glove and throw barrels that italian plumber and his brother. i love apes.....and ties that have the letters DK on it

  2. Hahaha, nice, well I'll be doing another character profile soon, I'll be taking suggestions before I do, so DK officially has a vote!